What About You?

The Josh Martin Band: “Not So Easily Pleased” 

 So…what about you? You have seen quite a bit about us…but what about you? Life is full of twists and turns…so where do you turn when everything around you falls apart? Do you rely on your own abilities? Do you depend on people around you? Do you have someone else to turn to? What about Jesus? Do you have a personal relationship with Him?

You see…not only does Jesus offer the only hope that we have for a future…because we were created as eternal beings…even after we physically die…there is something more waiting for us….but while we are here…on this earth…He is the only real source of peace for the present.

So…we’ll ask one more time…where do you turn? Who do you depend on? Do you have a Savior? If you do…do you have a church family that you can depend on? 

This page includes a drop-down menu that includes the Plan of Salvation, a step by step look at what the Bible says about you and your need for a Savior. There is also a “Prayer Request” page because we would be honored to pray for you. 

Our prayer is that you are in a personal relationship with Jesus and that you are walking with Him every day. 

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