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The Josh Martin Band: “We Fall Down” 

All the music that you hear on this site has been placed here after we received permission from Josh Martin. Below you will find the contact information for Josh who ministers both on his own and as one part of The Josh Martin Band. You will also find a list of songs that you will hear on our site. We want to express our appreciation to Josh and the Josh Martin Band for graciously allowing us to use their music, and it is our prayer that you will be blessed by their music; we know we have been!

                        For booking information: 

                                                                                             The Josh Martin Band                                                                                             6575 Castle Hwy.
Peasureville, Ky.

The Josh Martin Band graciously allowed us to use both the “Not So Easily Pleased” album, and the “Alive 2005” album. The songs from those albums are listed below. 

“Not So Easily Pleased” includes:

“Not So Easily Pleased”

“Depths of Your Mercy”

“Call Me Crazy”

“Get Up To A High Mountain”

“Wrap Me In Your Cross”

“What I Couldn’t Do”

“Learning More Everyday”

“What Part Of Go Don’t You Understand?”

“Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” 

“I AM”

“Sweet Embrace”

“Alive 2005” includes:

“Do You Feel The Mountains Tremble”

“Blessed Be The Name”

“I’m Trading My Sorrows”

“Here With Me”

“Here I Am To Worship”

Talkin Bout Grace”


“I Aint The Next Billy Graham”

“Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord”

“We Fall Down”

“The Happy Song”

“One Way”


The Josh Martin Band: “Do You Feel The Mountains Tremble?” 

The Josh Martin Band: “Here With Me” 

The Josh Martin Band: “Here I Am To Worship” 

The Josh Martin Band: “I Aint The Next Billy Graham” 

The Josh Martin Band: “The Happy Song” 

The Josh Martin Band: “One Way” 


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